Monday, September 30, 2019

Distinguished Gentlemans Ride Brisbane

Another great DGR Event for a good cause in Brisbane. Well done and many thanks to Jeff and others who organised, supported and marked the route along the way. Looking forward to next year's.

Unfortunately I arrived a little late so didn't get much time to get that many shots.

Sunday, November 11, 2018

SR250 Project - PART I

It's been a while between project posts part of the reason has been because I've been busy with a few other non-motorcycle related projects.  I then realised I hadn't started a build diary for this little Yamaha 250 that I'd been working on for the past few months.

Originally it was going to be a client build but there was a change in plans so I ended up keeping the donor.  Most of the work had already been done in regards to the basic cleaning and prep, so I just wanted to make a few small cosmetic changes and get it back on the road.  The previous owner had also re-built the top along with bead blasting the engine cases.

Skip a few months and I've shaped and glassed a new rear section picked up some new tyres.  I decided to keep the stock tank since it was in such good condition.  I've been dragging the chain on this one hopefully the progress will speed up given that most of the time consuming boring stuff is out of the way.

Thursday, August 16, 2018

Husqvarna Vitpilen 701

I can't really remember another bike in the past 5 years that has created as much media stir as the Husqvarna Vitpilen 701.  From the initial concepts to the final production machine there has always glowing praise for the Swedish manufacturers design vision.  

Even though it seems like a lifetime ago since these concepts were first released, seeing these bike in the flesh still still manage to bring out that initial excitement.  

Olivers, a Brisbane's local motorcycle dealer held the launch of the Vitpilen and so I managed to pop down to finally check them out.

Looking forward to taking once for a test ride.

Thursday, January 18, 2018

Creepy Unboxing - Bell Moto III Helmet

Received the Bell Moto 3 Helmet in the mail today so I thought I would get a hand unboxing it.

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Custom Buell Cyclone M2 Cyclone Beta MAX

Finished up this build at the end of the year, with this being my only ride I was pretty happy to finally get it back on the road.  Think I'll spend some time riding this around now over summer, with some small overnight trips planned.  With the custom built pannier racks it'll now make things a bit easier.

Beta-MAX named after the Video Cassette player of the same name. Just like the video player, the donor bike also shared the same fate which included a dismal sales record resulting in a limited production run. The subframe has been shortened and a fender I picked up from a swap meet attached. I shaped and glassed a new more comfortable dual seat.

I fabricated a single sided licence plate holder. I used the existing dials but side-mounted the tach and fibreglassed a new speedo mount with some LED indicators.

Check out some more photos on the website and also thanks to Taylor for the feature article on BikeBound.

Monday, December 11, 2017

Buell Build - Custom Seat

The build is nearing completion after getting the seat back from the upholsterers.  As always they did a fantastic job, I'm stoked every time I get seats back from them.   I also fabbed up a single sided licence plate holder and finished up the wiring after having to wait for some replacement dash lights after snapping off the wiring.

The neutral light was previously not working but I managed to source the issue with a dud neutral switch.  I'll need to find a replacement as some stage but it's not a show stopper at the moment.

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Buell Build Progress Update

Have spent the last 3 months giving the Buell a few modifications.  Was really only going to install a new headlight and seat.  But one thing led to another and next thing I've got it's kit off, and I'm asking what have I got myself into.

I had to replace the front disc as it was worn down past it's indicator, originally I wanted to do a front end swap but I couldn't really justify the price at this stage as it would have cost over half the price of the original bike.  I settled in getting a new disc and pads up front.

I wanted to reuse most of the parts of the bike so I kept the original dials and relocated the ignition and tach to the sides to have a single dial up front.  I installed some tiny LEDS into a fibreglassed dash to act as the warning lights for the oil / indicators / high beam and neutral.

Tiny LEDS into a fibreglassed dash
Reuse of the old dials.  Had to replace the blown dash bulbs and extend the wiring

I shortened the tail section by about 3 inches and closed it off with a loop and installed a bobbed fender to hold the tiny LED taillight.

Shorted tail section and fender install

CNC'd mini taillight

 I also made a start on the tank paint after a couple of failed attempts which ended up with the paint lifting after being too eager to get things done.

 Still have a few things left like the rear licence plate mount and seat upholstery but pretty happy with it so far.

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