Thursday, October 20, 2011

Honda CB350

This Brattish looking Honda CB350 is one of the best looking garage build I've seen.
Just love the low bloated tire fat look.

The following mods have been made:

The engine has been rebuilt, it has honda pistons rings, new honda chain and all new valves. The rims are 16x3" drop center 36 spoke from the 70s. The tires are coker classics. The seat is hand stitched leather. The fork tubes & seals are all new.

Top Effort!


J K said...

I love this bike.
Do you know what mods were done to the frame? Who is the builder?

Paddington Motorcyclist said...

I know it's a great build. From memory I don't think there was too much done to the frame.

Looks like it's been lowered a little, and the engine rebuilt.

Sorry not sure who the builder was as I originally saw it on ebay.

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