Sunday, February 12, 2012

Bare Bones

Today was a good day.  Started off with an early ride on the Legbreaker around the traps, whilst smoking out the neighbourhood with the smell of two stroke, I bumped into an elderly couple.  The wife was riding a beautiful 60's Triumph Scrambler restored immaculately and the elderly chap was riding a 70's Moto Morini.

Got back to work on The Experiment and to tick off a few items in the list.

  • We started up The Experiment to make sure everything was running as it should.  Check.
  • Remove engine and wiring. Check

One thing we did notice was that the SRX is living up to it's project name The Experiment.  There are a few quirky decisions that the designers have made with this bike and we believe this model could have been an experiment itself as part of Yamahas R and D division.
  • The Carbs are impossible to remove without removing the tank and the entire air filter box.  Although this will be solved with the smaller Air Filters.
  • There was a strange cover for the cylinder head that had absolutely no purpose.
  • Many of the bolt sizing were consistently inconsistant.
  • The sprocket cover is PLASTIC.  Seems as though they may have ran out of R and D funds.

However she is now bare boned ready for sandblasting and powder coating.

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