Monday, August 19, 2013

Project Blossom SR400 Progress

This project is almost finished and ready to be thumped around town.  Am only waiting for the final upholstery on the seat which seems to always take the longest.

The rewiring has been done, even though the original owners had already made modification to it.  It was more of a tidy up and to include the new speedo with the built in warning lights.

Will be up for sale once we do a road test.

Cleared and ready for a cut n polish

free hand sketch and airbrushing

White basecoat ready to be vandalised.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Garage Updates

Tank prepped and ready for paint

 In between non-bike related work we've managed to keep things ticking over, thanks to bike night our weekly ritual.

The progress on the Blossom the SR tracker is coming along nicely with most parts cleaned up / painted and reassembled.  We're now in the middle of minimising the wiring harness which resembles more of a boa constrictor at the moment.  

We also managed to pop out a rather large ding from the Sweet Honda tank by spotting a couple of pieces of my old CD stand, we could probably thank Spotify for that.

Dropping some tabs 

Flush seat pan

Poppin some dings

Blossom (SR400) gets some bling

Blossom (SR400) gets some bling

Bratstyle - Interview with Takeshi Takamine

It's been 16 years since Go Takamine first opened up Bratstyle.  Something which has changed the world of custom motorcycles forever.  Not only has his style of custom created it's own genre but these custom built singles and twins have been an inspiration to builders around the world.  Which is quite ironic considering the philosophy behind building these customs was to break boundaries of any existing genres.

Here's a short video showcasing their shop in Tokyo and a sneak peek of Takeshi Takamine ideas and his current direction.

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