Monday, November 9, 2015

Super Bright LED taillight Strip with Indicators

These have just arrived and are now available in our web store.

Super Bright LED Taillight Strip with integrated indicators. 

Give your tail section that super clean minimalist look with this LED Strip. Works perfectly if you're using a tail hoop or something similar.

Can also be fixed to a fiberglass tail section with the 3M backing tape. Specifications: Approx 19cm in length 8 amber lights on left and right sides. 32 Red lights across 3M backing tape to allow fixing.

Check out more details here

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Auto Fabrica - Type 10 BMW

Their website doesn't give much away in terms of typed content, but as they say a picture speaks a thousand words.  I mean who buys Playboy for the articles anyway..

The one that brought me to here was this BMW Build called Type 10.  The pipes are so clean and the lines seem to fit the bike perfectly.  This with along with most of their builds seem to be digitally conceptualised before the physical process takes place, judging by their 3d renders.

If you have a spare moment go check out their minimalist site and read some of the articles.

[Photos VIA]

Monday, October 26, 2015

Old Empire Motorcycles - RIDE OF THE RIPON

The production of short Motorcycle videos have come along way.  And since the introduction of drones has opened up a whole new level of creative storyboarding.

I love this one from British Custom Shop Old Empire Motorcycles showcasing their build titled the RIPON.  Here's how they describe it.

"Keeping the authentic classic lines to this build yet adding a healthy mix of unusual and modern results in our first build based on a Japanese four. The Ripons simple but distinctive suspension setup declutters the rear of the motorcycle whilst the angled seat unit flows seamlessly from the modified tank and into the minimalistic headlight shroud." 

Check out their full gallery along with all their other fantastic works here

[First Seen @ VIA 8NEGRO]

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

1949 INDIAN SCOUT – By Analog Motorcycles

Came across this gem looking through some of the builds from the handbuilt motorcycle show.  This 1949 Indian scout was meticulously brought to life by the guys from Analog Motorcycles.  The level of detail is amazing with most parts being hand made.

I really like the fairing on this one, with the wind shield taken from a GSXR and modified.

It probably goes as well as it looks based upon some of the other bikes I've seen come out of this workshop.

It's also for sale at the moment for those of you that have a couple of extra pennies.

You can view more of their builds over this way.

[Photos : Analog Motorcycles]


Monday, September 28, 2015

Distinguished Gentleman's Ride 2015 Brisbane

Yesterday marked another edition of the Distinguished Gentleman's Ride 2015 Brisbane Edition.  This was only the second one that I have attended with the first one being four years ago, and wow has it grown!  With over 300 registered riders and only signs in growing in popularity.

I mean what's not to love about it, you get the rare opportunity to don a suit, and combine that with any excuse to talk and check out bikes it's a sure fire winner.   However the main purpose of these shenanigans was to raise awareness for men's prostate cancer, with all proceeds going towards the cause.

Oliver's Motorcycles hosted the event this year as they did last year, they did a great job catering for the crowd with free morning tea and a number of giveaways.  They even supplied a backup vehicle to pick up any stragglers, I saw a number of riders breathe a sigh of relief after that detail was announced.

As the kickoff rolled closer the bikes started rolling in with such a large variety of vintage / custom and the more modern machines.  It felt a lot like a show and shine wandering the rows of bike throughout the carpark.

11am came around and everyone fired up, kicked and some continued to kick their bikes into life.  One kilometer of motorcycles headed down Ipswich road into the city in a somewhat orderly fashion.  We regrouped at the base of the toowong roundabout for a while and then continued through Southbank and then to the Morrison.

Well done to the organisers of such a great event.  Certainly there was a large amount of planning involved and from the outside looking in everything went to a tee.

Until next year gents...

Friday, September 11, 2015

Scrambled Honda FMX 650

The European Bike Scene seems to be taking off at the moment.  For the warmer countries it makes sense why this is happening, given the ability to ride all year round.

Ton-Up garage have built some great bikes, this times it's a Scrambler by the name of Muxima which means "heart" in Kimbundu which for those of you that don't know is the second most widely spoken language Angola (thanks google)

Here is what they had to say about the build:

"The colors were chosen inspired by the nature surrounding those roads. They’re mainly dirt roads surrounded by an imense vegetation meaning that you’ll get an off-road riding experience. Technically we’ve rebuilt a completely new sub-frame, that accommodates our seat, rear footpegs, a small rear light and number plate. Beneath the seat inserted in the sub-frame we’ve build an electric box to fit inside all the electric components and battery. Electric wiring was redone and simplified. A new gas tank was adapted to fit on this bike. We’ve built new exhausts, a new intake line, fitting a KN air filter in the end and new front mudguard. The suspensions were lowered a bit. We’ve fitted a new front headlight, new speedo, new handlebar, grips and tires. We’ve painted the fuel tank, air filter, engine and other frame parts."

No enjoy the sweet photos

Monday, September 7, 2015

Triumph Bonneville By Maria Motorcycles

These guys have been on the scene since 2012 and have produced some quality builds.  Their style is recognisable and represents their lively Portuguese origins.

I'm a big fan of their paint schemes with each build looking bright which is a contrast to the raw patina look that has been popular in recent years.

This one is a Triumph Bonneville called Juliet which has been Scrambled which was named after the famous Shakespeare play.  The colours have been chosen to provide a miliary / race theme, which I think they've achieved.

You can see more of their builds on their website

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