Monday, December 11, 2017

Buell Build - Custom Seat

The build is nearing completion after getting the seat back from the upholsterers.  As always they did a fantastic job, I'm stoked every time I get seats back from them.   I also fabbed up a single sided licence plate holder and finished up the wiring after having to wait for some replacement dash lights after snapping off the wiring.

The neutral light was previously not working but I managed to source the issue with a dud neutral switch.  I'll need to find a replacement as some stage but it's not a show stopper at the moment.

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Buell Build Progress Update

Have spent the last 3 months giving the Buell a few modifications.  Was really only going to install a new headlight and seat.  But one thing led to another and next thing I've got it's kit off, and I'm asking what have I got myself into.

I had to replace the front disc as it was worn down past it's indicator, originally I wanted to do a front end swap but I couldn't really justify the price at this stage as it would have cost over half the price of the original bike.  I settled in getting a new disc and pads up front.

I wanted to reuse most of the parts of the bike so I kept the original dials and relocated the ignition and tach to the sides to have a single dial up front.  I installed some tiny LEDS into a fibreglassed dash to act as the warning lights for the oil / indicators / high beam and neutral.

Tiny LEDS into a fibreglassed dash
Reuse of the old dials.  Had to replace the blown dash bulbs and extend the wiring

I shortened the tail section by about 3 inches and closed it off with a loop and installed a bobbed fender to hold the tiny LED taillight.

Shorted tail section and fender install

CNC'd mini taillight

 I also made a start on the tank paint after a couple of failed attempts which ended up with the paint lifting after being too eager to get things done.

 Still have a few things left like the rear licence plate mount and seat upholstery but pretty happy with it so far.

Monday, May 8, 2017

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Project Tonka - TW200 Custom Seat Build

The seat build for the Tonka build has come to an end with the leather work completed this week.

The construction was fairly simple with a fibreglass base with steel locators glassed into the base.  The base consisted of 6 layers of woven mat with a polyester resin which should hold up to any big boned riders.

I then picked up a block of high density foam which I attached to the base with some contact adhesive and continued to shape it with a hack saw blade until the rough shape was completed.  After that it was a flap disc on the angle grinder to smooth out all the bumps.

Sourcing some leather was fun as there were so many options but the client wanted somewhat of a tanned antique look.  I found something suitable out west and up getting a full hide which I'll be able to get a couple more seats out of.  

It follows the lines of the tank and frame and the vintage leather will age nicely over time.

Now to get it on the road!

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Project Tonka - Gaskets and Wire

Cases split ready for new gaskets and a new front sprocket

The Tonka Project is getting close to finishing up.  I needed to replace the front sprocket and with these TW's you need to remove the left side engine case to do so.

So because of this I took the opportunity to split the cases and check out the internals and replace the gaskets at the same time.  I also replaced the all the bolts with the shiny stainless type.

After wrestling with getting the engine back in (found that using a mobile engine stand was the best way) I proceeded to layout the wiring.  I'm using an Antigravity under the seat and moving all the electricals under the seat.

The existing harness already had some work done to it with a couple of splices here and there, and I'd noted that the neutral and rear brake switch weren't working.

Powered by Antigravity

I ended up running a new neutral wire from the switch and pulling the rear brake switch apart to find a broken wire which I replaced.

Still waiting on a the indicators and the electrics will be done.

Rear Brake Switch with a non-existent connection

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Buildboard V2.0 Beta is Now Live

Get your Sh*t Together in 2017

Let this year be the time you dust off those tools, and finish off those projects that have become a hostel for your local spider gang.
Buildboard was launched 3 years ago to allow handcrafted bike enthusiasts to source parts and keep track of their motorcycle builds easily.  It has grown to a community of hundreds of users worldwide including Australia, the US, UK and Poland
This new release celebrates the 3rd birthday of Buildboard and showcases new features including an updated skin, and the ability to tag, comment and share your photos of your project.
Buildboard now caters for a number of other build types reflecting the maker's revolution and the new wave of personalised hand crafted goods.

If you have any suggestions on how we can improve it we'd love to hear.  Many of the new features and enhancements have come from feedback we've received. 
If you need a bit of inspiration for your project, you can see what other builders users are doing

Or sign up for your free account.

Have a great year


Sunday, February 5, 2017

Project Tonka - Blast and Paint

All the body work is complete and I spent an afternoon pulling everything apart ready for the sandblaster.  Because the client had decided on stainless spokes I ended up cutting the rusted old ones to make removing the hubs easier.  It also meant that I could get a really clean finish by pulling the hubs completely apart.

The shock also needed some TLC so I decompressed it and removed the spring and send that off for powder.  Decided on a yellow spring to match the new gold chain we'll be running.

Everything came out really nice so I'll be looking forward to getting it all back together.  I'm just waiting on a few more parts to arrive for the forks before I can start.

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